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About Paul Webb

I was born in North Devon in an era of slow pace and British beach holidays … of ice creams sold wrapped in paper, pop bottles that had a deposit to claim when you returned them and memories of going to school smelling of Vick menthol rub. From about the age of eight I can remember taking my Fathers old Kodak folding camera and composing pictures of people and seascapes in its upside down view finder, amazingly more than 50 years on that old camera is still in my possession. From those early days the seed of photography was sown and it has brought me through many transitions. At the end of the 60's I was a surfer so my love was for taking surfing pictures, with so few photographers around at the time the results were unique and resulted in images being published in magazines both here and abroad. In 2011 the early surfing images became a focus of interest again as a social record this time with some pictures being printed in a national surfing magazine and also in a book about the history of surfing in the UK.

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